HY’S Seasoning Salt

hys_salt.gif Hy’s Seasoning Salt has been my favourite seasoning salt since childhood. Moms used to cover my green beans with its golden brown crystals. The red-capped, perfectly cylindrical bottle of Hy’s (name on the black and red label in medieval lowercase cursive) was always on the mantle of the kitchen stove. It was a really old bottle, faded to orange, and I could never figure out how I could sprinkle so much of it yet we never had to buy more. Think I was a teen when finally informed the thing was refilled, just like the squeezable ketchup bottle (from paint-can tins of Heinz), I was amazed to learn.
So now, after seven odd years on my own, I’ve bought my own, albeit the smaller 225g version, Hy’s. It’s bright red and sits on my kitchen stove. So exotic to have Hy’s now on anything I want: rice. Well, rice so far. And to get to the point here, I read the ingredients for the first time: salt, spice (including red pepper) monosodium glutamate, dehydrated onion, calcium silicate.
MSG. Huh. Never knew. Does that explain why I like it so much? And what is wrong with spices and Chinese restaurants that use MSG? Was it deforming kids or stunting their growth or capacities to learn? I’ll read up on this some more. Above was the only pic of Hy’s I could find on Google.