Mating calls / New Food

Is it mating season among the amphibious members of my neighbourhood again? The chorus of croaking is once more, uhm, charming the night air. The calls of thousands of what must be horny toads travels loud and far from the great pond on the Cedar Hill Golf Course and up the side of the little mountain my home is perched on. A rather romantic evening for frog wooing, I should say, what with the crispy star-studded sky above, ending another provocatively sunny spring day.

Speaking of which (the sunshine): took my roast-beef-humous-and-lettuce-on-a-bun with me to my new porch again, squinting through the rays at the seniors golfing up the course below. Been a particularly next-generation month for food, proud to announce. A sort of new leaf has been all turned over in my eating habits. Haven’t particularly treated myself well these past six years when it comes to matters of mastication. Although a steady income in the past month has helped take the groceries up a notch, I’ve really only got a lack of time management, an embarrassing culinary ignorance and good ol’ laziness to blame for my nights of KD with ketchup, my peanut butter on knife, my beans with pepper packets from the cafeteria. Still miles to go, still laughable when it comes to kitchen, but I’m putting in the effort. A recent selection of preparations:

  • Stir Fry, as in 45-minute-teriyaki-marinated beef strips (pre-cut), fried quickly and tenderly; broccoli, onions, bok choi, mushrooms, been sprouts. Rice done in a rice cooker.
  • 5% yogurt