Phalange Neglect

I just poured boiling water over my thumb! Pretty much by accident. See I bought this 500 g little tub of Canada No.1 White Unpasturized Liquid Honey and I hate it when sticky food stuffs leak, like syrup bottles or 2-litre Cokes, and dribble down the outside of their walls and form tar pits of crescent-shaped residue on my counters/cupboards/desk. And I’m always really careful to catch any dribblies trying to gum up a cap or leap onto the counter or, the worst, run down the side. Lo-behold after only three days of uncorrupted service this brand-new bottle of honey, shaped you know like a cylindrical beehive with a yellow pop-and-squeeze lid, probably during the night it leaks on its own from some miniature hidden fissure under the cap that escaped my attention and so oozes like a cave formation down the side and come the a.m.