Moving the Home

View of mountains from plane
Including taxes/fees, a flight from Victoria to Kelowna on Saturday morning cost me $78 and took 50 minutes (pictured: my view from seat 14A). The bus cost more and takes, well, 12 times as long.
So it was straight from the plane to the Moms and her car. We bought two door knobs, some gloves and lunch in the sweltering city, then hit the four-hour twister (stop for chocolate-banana ice cream in Grand Forks) back to Nelson, where I am spending the week dismantling furniture and packing boxes at the old house; moving the stuff into storage; moving rocks, logs and dirt at the new place, which currently sports a 12-foot concrete foundation surrounded by a giant moat, on the edge of the forest in South Slocan.
Pictures of the house-in-progress later this week. Tonight, dinner at the neighbours, where I write this from (the Moms having been cut-off last week). Oh, Rob, if you’re reading this (or anyone else I know in Nelsy), give me a call: 2-1972.