Keep the Oil In

As a teen I worked with a chef (and bike mechanic) named Marcelo, and over lunch one day he passed on this culinary axiom:

The better something tastes, the more likely it’s got a lot of fat in it.

This took a while to sink in. I mean, I don’t watch what I eat. I hate it when I pick up the low-fat yogurt by mistake, when I really wanted 5 per cent. I eat real butter, not margarine. It’s not uncommon for me to take in half a cheesecake in one sitting.
But one thing I couldn’t stand for years was the pool of oil at the top of a new jar of Adams Peanut Butter. I’m not a big fan of peanut products to begin with, but Adams’ ingredients have always impressed me. Peanuts. That’s it. And peanut butter is fast and easy to use, relatively cheap and a source of protein.
But that puddle of grease, it settles to the top during shipping I guess, or maybe robots squirt it there before sealing the jar. It’s one centimetre deep and the label instructs us “to blend in the natural oil.” Until recently I disregarded this advice and just skimmed the slick down the drain before digging into the stiff stuff.
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