Disappearing Possessions

  • 1 MEC polyester polo sport jersey, grey/brown with black collar, likely smelly
  • 1 set of forks and knives
  • 1 liquor party picnic basket (alright, I left this one at Jon’s when I was in like first year)
  • A bunch of Kurt Vonnegut books
  • 1 pair size 42/43 Scarpa hiking boots (missing for hmmm, five years)
  • 1 cheap-ass bicycle cable lock
  • 2 CD collector set, Beatles White Album (I think I’m missing Sgt. Pepper, too)
  • 1 CD, Spirit of the West (the one with the drinking songs, you know, the good one that everyone sings at the pub. Tripping up the Stairs is the album name??)
  • CD Ashley MacIsaac (the good one, like the first really popular one)
  • CD Bob Dylan (can’t remember which one)
  • All my Simon and Garfunkle CDs, and even my Paul Simon Cape Man CD
  • Holy crap, where’s my Bob Dylan Desire?