Xmas Wish List

Jeff Werner’s Christmas List 2004
Art Supplies Description Price (CDN $)
paint paint and paint brushes 30-100
Sketch book Sketch book, larger than 8.5×11, at least 80lb paper, coil bound (but hard-cover is OK, say if the book is really high qaulity), appearently the Robert Bateman brand ones are great and available at lots of stores, such as Opus in Victoria 15-30
quill set quill set for ink drawing 5-15
pocket sketch book Moleskin brand pocket sketch-book 20-30
Silk screen kit a silk-screening kit?? no idea
Lino carving kit lino carving kit no idea
Books Description Price (CDN $)
magazines design magazine subscription (Applied Arts or Communication Arts or Print) 80-200
book Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Muller-Brockmann 50-180
book A History of Graphic Design by Philip Meggs 50-100
book Northern Lights, by Philip Pullman 15-30
Home Description Price (CDN $)
pots pots for plants (one small for bamboo, one medium for ficus) Current diametres are 2 and 10 inches and are too small. 15-40
chopsticks nice set of chop sticks, maybe a sushi set or something, or one of those sushi-making kits 10-25
spices a small collection of assorted spices for cooking 10-25
Clothing Description Price (CDN $)
gloves winter gloves (medium thick, for warmth and riding, XC ski style is fine, maybe take ones from home) 15-30
belt a new belt (such as these ones from Branie or just a regular nice leather one 25-50
touque new toque (like the one I had before, which I lost). Hmm, actually, I like the one pictured. 15-25
Misc. Description Price (CDN $)
racquet Squash Racquet (A Karakal like last year. It was good until I drove over it). Or any other good racquet. 100-150