Signs of Age: White Hairs

It’s kind of interesting how they’re coming in, my white hairs. The girlfriend’s noticed them for a year. They really caught my eye in the mirror today. I think the static in the air made them stand out.

There’s no such thing as gray hair. It’s either pigmented or white. It’s the blending with your natural colour that makes hair appear gray.

I counted: I have about 12 white hairs. I think there were four or five last year. No one tells you they’re going to come this early. I am 25. I have a couple friends who are balding. If they have white hairs you’d never know–they shave their heads.

I don’t look gray yet. No balding as far as I know. I tried to conjure some sort of mid-life emotion, contemplate my mortality, get nostalgic or something. It was an effort with only 12.

For now my 12 white hairs are interesting.

Make that 11 white hairs.