Suit Shopping

I started thinking about buying my first suit a few months ago. I have a conference to attend in Saskatoon this February and the dress code is business casual. Although this three-day event is the instigator in this, I’ve never owned a suit before and, well, might as well buy one now (as opposed to renting or borrowing). And might as well buy a nice one.
There are a couple factors I’m taking into consideration:

  • I would like to be able to wear the jacket on semi-formal occasions, or such as going to a nice dinner or a nice bar, and thus possibly wear it with pants or even jeans
  • Conservative enough I can wear it to most occasions (weddings, funerals, conferences) but also enough style that it’s not boring and reflects my personality a bit
  • As I understand it, go 100% wool, none of them technical or man-made fabrics
  • Don’t cheap out (which I strongly believe in, though at this point I can’t afford a couple months rent on a suit, but am willing to spend some relativley big dollars

I also need to buy: a belt, shirt, tie and shoes (no, I’m not going to wear the shoes pictured). Oh, and these pictures (shot by the g-friend) are of two suits from one store we visited, Hughes I think it was called, which was sale-priced and good service; British Importers was expensive and had somewhat curt and rude service; finally, Outlooks had expensive but nice suits and great service with in-house tailors checking out everything I tried on.
And I am still considering a used suit…we found an interesting store in Oak Bay, but need to find more outlets. Either way, a purchase is eminent in the next couple weeks.