Alumni Junk Mail

Update 2 Dec 2009: A UVic recruitment rep just told me how to unsubscribe from this junk:
Since becoming a University of Victoria Alumni in 2003 I have received at least four “letters” from you, Mr. Don Jones, Director, Alumni Services, UVic Alumni Association, with the following description stamped tastefully above a vignette of an Ionic Greek capital: AN INVITATION FOR A SELECT GROUP OF ALUMNI.
I have attached a photograph of an envelope for clarity’s sake:
The contents of these envelopes–ever consistent in appearance over the past two years–are thus: a letter addressed to presumably myself (a “Dear Friend of the University of Victoria”), a small application form, a return-postage-paid envelope and a small flyer with large bold type that reads “New Low Rate! 9.99%”.
I’m sure you are all too familiar with these invitations, as each is addressed from, and signed by, yourself. But just in case, here is another photograph of the items in question:
Taking into account the struggle for funding I’m under no doubt our Alumni Association is constantly on the hunt for, and the supposed sincerity with which your invitations personally implore me to “enjoy the benefits of a Platinum Plus® MasterCard® credit card,” whereupon with every purchase “a contribution is made to the UVic Alumni Association,” I am still conflicted with a self-developed notion that my own university–that cherished institution where I and many of my closest friends spent four years, countless memories and even more dollars–is in fact analog spamming us.
I’ve compiled a brief list of the possible pros and cons of such a practice, and invite you, Mr. Jones, to add any further points I may have overlooked:

  • Increased funding for Alumni Association


  • Wastes paper and hurts environment
  • Wastes money on mailing and production (either yours or MasterCard’s)
  • The “invitations” are misleading, creating false impressions and expectations
  • Wastes my time (and many others, I would think) receiving, opening and recycling
  • Embarrassing that my university must resort to repeated junk mailing
  • Abusive and uninvited use of my personal information

What I am not inviting, however, are any further “invitations” from my Alumni Association. Please discontinue my “subscription” to your MasterCard® credit card junk mail.
Jeff Werner
B.A. 2003
p.s. Should it ever choose to distribute it, I am still open to receiving any future correspondence from the Alumni Association that could be considered useful, informative or in any way “not junk mail” under the standard definition of the term.