Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

I was wondering where this little cube parcel on my doorstep came from yesterday. Was I buying stuff on Amazon again? But no, it was the Jiffy Mix from Richard Bird (of R.Bird & Company) that I forgot about.
I’m not the only one to get this impressively-packed (including a signed letter of greeting and multiple layers of bubble wrap!) package: 10 other people around the world who had replied to R.Bird’s post about the Jiffy brand logo got two boxes of the mix in the mail. R.Bird loves Jiffy and wants you to as well.
So I mixed up a batch with the girlfriend tonight. Add an egg and some milk, a little oven-action and we had fresh corn muffins with our BBQ chicken, tomatoes, potatoes and zucchini, in the sun on the front porch.
They’re pretty damn good (crumbly, a little sweet), especially straight from the oven with butter. I always think of the Grapes of Wrath when I think of corn bread, of big dinners, sopping up the rest of your soup or stew with a big chunk of it, cup of coffee to wash it down, all after a full day of farm labour (well, I had a short day of Illustrator and HTML).
I’ll take your suggestion tomorrow, Richard, and try them stale, crumbled, with syrup on top. Thanks for the gift, it went to good use tonight and I’ll be passing the extra box onto a worthy (hungry) friend.