Moving Sale

I’m moving out of my apartment next week and I’m trying to lighten my load. I’m giving away most of these things listed below. Anything I can’t sell / offload will go to the Sally Ann / dumpster (recycling if possible) / storage. Maybe the treaure you never knew you wanted awaits. Email me if something catches your fancy.
Note some photos are approximations of actual goods. Hover your mouse over them for a few seconds to see a description, or check the list below each group. Some items do not have photos.

For Sale

  • Lava Lamp, yellow in clear, works perfect (no little bubbles or anything), brand name. $20
  • Office-style desk, two-part with multiple configurations, keyboard tray, hutch. Used 1 year. $50
  • Executive office chair, tilt and lumbar, mesh back, adj. armrests. $50 (retail $200)

For Free

  • Beer fridge
  • Matt board, new: small pieces and one large neutral grey sheet, new.
  • Clip-style picture frames: four 8×10″, two 5×7″
  • Gravis 4-button joystick, (serial port)
  • Rolleiflex SLR film camera, complete kit with two lenses, filters and case, 1970s era
  • Computer speakers
  • Xmas decorations (holly, bows, lights)
  • Office chair, 1970s-era, swivel and tilt, steel construction, though springs in cushion shot
  • Blank tapes, never opened, two Sony 74min, four Maxell 60 min
  • Video camera bag, small, unpadded
  • Vinyl records, about 20, assorted rock and folk
  • Binoculars, 7×50, with case
  • Mountain bike straight handlebar, Easton carbon fibre, 5 degree bend, 125g
  • DDR dance pads, aftermarket for Play Station but modified for computer serial port
  • Course pack, HA 337 Special Topics in Contemporary Asian Art, unopened, instructor Astri Wright
  • Dress shoes, Bally, size 10.5, alligator leather
  • Dinner jacket, black, wool
  • Sports jacket, black nylon
  • black dress pants, 32
  • khaki pants, with cuffs, 34
  • corduroy vest, medium
  • Nautica fleece, large
  • Knitted sweater
  • green army-style pants

Care to Borrow / Mind Storing for me a bit?

  • BBQ, Webber charcoal kettle-style, with charcoal
  • Egyptian water pipe
  • Cycling poster, dry mounted