Vacation, Education and Moving Plans

This is a notice about what’s happening with me regarding changes to work, school and living arrangements. The short of it is I’m leaving on July 18 and when I return in September I’ll be living in Vancouver to attend school full time. Any projects I’m currently involved in will be either wrapped up this week, truncated, or on pause until I return.
This also means that in one week my address and phone number for the past three years will no longer be mine: I’m moving out. Any questions, concerns, or friendly hellos, however, can always be sent to my email address, jeff–at–, or by commenting right here on this website.

Wedding in Edmonton

On July 18 Eileen (my girlfriend) and I are renting a car and driving to Edmonton for her friend’s wedding. We will also stop for a night to visit my Moms in Nelson on the way up and once more before we return on July 25. Oh ya, we may visit my Aunt and cousins in Calgary, too.

Cycling to Mexico

On July 27 my friend Shawn and I are cycling from Victoria down the US coast on Highway 101 to the Mexican border. We are carrying our own gear and camping along the way. Email access will be sporadic: don’t hesitate to contact me, but don’t expect a quick reply, either. We hope to complete the trip in under 30 days. We’ll catch a train back from San Diego to Vancouver near the end of August.

Moving and School

On September 1 I begin the Foundation program at the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver with the intention of completing the four-year Communication Design degree. I’ve yet to find an apartment there: if you have any leads, please send them my way. Until then I will hopefully stay with friends for the first few weeks of September.
During the school year I will be available for small, part-time work or updates to past projects. Come summer (May-August 2006) I’ll be searching for a job and working full time, likely in Vancouver but possibly Victoria or elsewhere.
That’s the plan, anyways. I moved to Victoria when I was 17, barely out of high school and with only an inclination to bike race (this really is the best place to ride in Canada). Now that I’ve spent a third of my life here I consider this my home and only have a slightly better idea about what I’d like to do with my future.
Thank you to everyone who helped me out.
And then I return to the city where I spent the first third of my life. It’s a funny feeling.