While it’s well known (or, at least, I attempt to make it well known) that the primary motivation for this sweet, sweet habit happens to be whatever variation of Lindt Dark that London Drugs has on sale that week, it is additionally mused—to my face—that that wives’ tale about chocolate as the somatic chemical equivalent (nay, the same chemcial) as a good night in the sac is, in fact, the primary, subconscious reason for this “out of control” appetite.
It’s no small secret I’ve been single this 2006, i.e. I’m eating chocolate to compensate for not getting any lately. Is what the people are saying.
To which I now submit this rational rebuttal: How come I bought and ate just as much sweet, sweet chocolate when I was greatly enjoying my previous relationship? Well? Did you think of that?
Point in fact my libido is trucking along just fine, all systems normal. Relationship status? Irrelevant. Or more realistically I can just never get enough…chocolate.