FreeCell Best Streak

I played a lot of FreeCell during my UVic and PC days. The above is an image of my best streak: 71. After I lost that one I never played again. I also bought a Mac. And if there’s a FreeCell for OSX I don’t want to know about it. I waste enough time as it is.
However, I suppose I did learn something about strategy. Or maybe just FreeCell strategy. Let me try to recall my process:

  1. Locate the Aces. If it’s a good hand they won’t be buried too deep. If they are, just keep in the back of my head that I need to slowly but surely dig them out. Also keep in mind where the 2s are.
  2. Mentally test options, between four to eight moves, before moving cards.
  3. Clear a whole row and keep at least one holding spot open. Do that and I’m nearly guaranteed home free.
  4. Look for Queens on matching (i.e. opposite colour) Kings already on the board. Clear down to the Queen and stack there.
  5. Be very, very careful about putting Kings into the top left holding area.
  6. Never start a game when you’re already fucking sick of FreeCell and just want to go to bed. Impatience was the number one killer.
  7. Keep in mind there is only one (or is it two?) flawed FreeCell games (I think one was in the 20,000 range), i.e. every other deal is completable.