Ouch my freakin’ ears

It seems the recent OS X update scaled the hardware volume up on the MacBook Pro (and all hardware running OS X?). Googled for 30 seconds, someone mentioned the 10.4.9 update system volume change.
I miss 10.4.8 volume.
For the Moms / Aunt reading this, that means my computer updated itself with new instructions that make the speakers on my laptop too loud and I can do nothing about it.
I mean, great that it’s louder at max volume now, not so great while I’m in bed at 1:30 and everyone else is asleep and the minimum volume makes me uncomfortable because Sufjan is YELLING at me.
And when you turn the volume off, the sudden drop is like cutting an audio umbilical. Gives me chills, the pitch black silence after the laptop roar.