Room for Rent

New posting, same place, for Summer 2008
Room for rent in Vancouver, Summer 2007
I’m on internship for the summer and I’d like to rent my room to a kind person. If you’ve been to my place, which I share with three other Emily Carr students, you know what I’m talking about. If not…
It is nice. It’s got a front and back porch, free laundry, gas stove. Actually, we’re the first tenants in this completely renovated home. Granite counter tops, all new stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors. Heart of Kitsilano, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Anyways, for Google ears, the text of the poster:
Room for Rent May 1 [to August 31, 2007]
We are all Emily Carr students
Contact me if you’re interested.
And visit
Two full bathrooms. Fully furnished: bed, tables, sofas, kitchenware
In a seriously nice brand new four bedroom house in Kitsilano
UPDATE April 14, 2007: Some photos I took last night:
The kitchen with new appliances, incl. gas range and oven, microwave (with voice recording capabilities, seriously), and dishwasher. A lot of good cooking goes on here thanks to painter, design student and roommate Hamza.
Living room (friend Anne not included) with fireplace, stereo, and small design library. The entire upstairs is new hardwood flooring. There is a secure high-speed wireless router pumping Shaw Internet into the house and our laptops. The stereo connects to our laptops and ipods and also has Joanna Newsom and Beck on constant rotation, it seems.
Dining room / work area with windows onto front porch, communal table with drawers are a treasure-trove of small tool delights, stairs on right to lower level. The lamp is on loan and is by Paul Christiansen I believe.
One of the rooms for rent with included matress. There is also a small set of shelves and a corner table in there. Plus, it’s got the largest closet in the house.
Downstairs bathroom with new, free laundry machines. Shower on the left.
New posting, same place, for Summer 2008
UPDATE April 15, 2007: Some photos I took this morning of the second bedroom for rent:
View from the second entrance into the second room for rent.
View from far corner (where blue lamp is) at included table, chair, shelving, and second entrance.
View from far wall of included dresser, closet and partition we made to add privacy to this room, which is a converted recreation room. That giant yellow head on the far left is a first-year art project and is optionally included. Hehe.
View from the other room for rent, looking across the hall at Tim’s door on the right and the partition we made for the second room on the left.
New posting, same place, for Summer 2008