Philippines Ukay-Ukay

Recorded June 5, 2007 walking around an oki-oki ukay-ukay (thanks to Marco for the spelling correction) complex in Baguio City, Philippines.

Ukay-Ukay means to rumage and find from a pile, i.e. a used clothing store. Baguio is somewhat of a hub for ukay-ukay, receiving truck- and ship-loads of second-hand and discount clothing from Hong Kong and, primarily, the Western world. Within this one complex are many (indistinguishable) vendors. Prices seen are in Philippine Pesos. 45 Peso = approx. $1 USD.
0:00 – 120 peso for any pair of pants on that rack.
0:30 – Descend to second sub-level
0:37 – This striped-shirt gentleman may be familiar to some
0:40 – Sitting, far right: a vendor for that particular area
0:48 – Far end second exit to some street
0:59 – Ascend to sub-complex III
1:05 – Another vendor, seated
1:17 – Ubiquitos, ukay-sized boxes of, well, more ukay-ukay clothing.
1:21 video created with a Fuji F30. Also trying out ways to improve the quality of my YouTube uploads. After some Googling I’m trying a number of things, in particular these 6 tips for High Quality Youtube Video.