Coda: a quick review

There are a lot of web design apps out there and I’m going to briefly highlight a couple things I like and don’t like about Coda, one the more recent ones for Mac that a lot of people are (were…I just found it this week) talking about. Lots of thorough reviews to read out there.
I’ll just touch on a couple tiny things. I’ve used Coda for one week now and I like:

  • The screen grab it creates for your site
  • How it remembers all the tabs and files you have open for a site
  • The code editor is decent
  • UI is slick and and pleasing
  • Integrates well with OSX, using many of its features, like in its finder-like browser and using Safari for its built-in browser

Less hot about:

  • When I update a remote CSS it doesn’t auto refresh the browser view
  • The 1-pixel target for changing the width of the file browser column
  • How slowly the Books reference loads (flash?) even though I’m on an Intel 2.0 with 1.5 RAM

The main Coda window.
Detail of the code-view.
I like the screen grab and icon it makes for your site.