Bali Intern Day

A typical day during my first two weeks of a design internship with John Hardy, the bamboo company and Kul-Kul School near Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, August 1-14, 2007.
View from inside a tent
Wake up with the sunrise around 6am, get out of tent.
A man, John Button, and a compost toilet with two seats
Make my way down to John Button (Australian permaculturalist living on-site for five weeks)’s place to take advantage of his composting toilet.
Pathway through semi-jungle and view from below of a bamboo home
Head back to my in-progress guest home along the terraced path.
View of inside of unfinished bamboo home and tray with breakfast on floor
Get some reading and/or contemplation in until Ibu arrives with breakfast: rice, tahu (tofu), tempa (fried been curds), tomato, cucumber, fish, sayur (vegetables, usu. spinach and bean sprouts) and teh (tea).
Looking down a corridor of bamboo polse that is the inside of the bridge, view from bridge down river
Head down the hill and across the new Kul-Kul School bambu bridge over the Ayung river…
Bamboo pavilion for bike storage and three women walking down a road
…to where I park my bike every night, which I ride up the short hill, passing some incoming workers at 7:45am.
Roof covering many motorcycles, view across ground of bamboo poles everywhere
Arrive at the bamboo factory just up from the river.
A man sits in front of a stick model of a building, a foot with some bamboo pegs and a knife on the ground
Check in with Aldo Landwehr, designer, and work with him on a new building model. Then four hours learning to work bamboo with a knife, such as whittling pins for construction.
A hand under a tap, rice in a palm leaf
Wash hands at noon for the provided lunch: nasi bunkus.
A clipboard with sketches of a building elevation, a hammer and saw and knife
Head back home to check on progress of construction. Draw up plan and dimensions for next stage: windows. Get some hands-on time in with the workers installing the new pinned bambu floor and digging the ventilation out underneath.
Outisde and inside view of a new three story bamboo building
Head back to factory to do some quality control rounds with Aldo, such as checking on the new office progress.
People walking on a pathway in the terraced jungle, four workers posing for a photograph
Afternoon meeting of the Kul-Kul School team and a tour of the grounds to assess progress and ideas. Check in on my team of workers at the house again.
A naked man (me) kneeling by the river between two large boulders, food on a palm leaf
Official end of work at 5pm. Head down to the river with the locals for a bath. Dinner arrives around dusk at the home.
Book cover and drawings on paper
Get in some reading (The Humanure Handbook) and idea sketches (bamboo steadycam?).
Two men in front of candlelight, view looking up at palm trees and star-filled night sky
Regular ‘step-by-step’ English/Indonesian 8pm session of candles, coffee, fried bread and a dictionary with my friends and workers Pak Tono and Pak Nyoman. By 9:30 brush teeth and head back to the tent .