From Java with SMS

16-01 00:03
Long day for me. Still getting ready to leave in…5 hours. I am impressed what your doing over there. Tell me all about it when I get back. Miss you.
16-01 07:29
I am at the airport with Toni. Just bought a cheap corny t shirt. Not enough sleep. Thinking of you.
16-01 08:43
I am in yogya. No joke.*
16-01 16:51
I just saw Prambanan and am now at the foot of Borobudur. It’s very romantic. Would be more so with you.
16-01 20:34
A most lovely evening for me. Up again at 4am for the temple. Hope you’re well.
17-01 08:31
Oh my your bike. That must have been hell. I feel for you. I just saw the most lovely sunrise over Borobudur. then breakfast at its base.
17-01 16:01
If i could i would come back right now. I leave for the train to jakarta in 8 hours.
17-01 18:46
Smoking on the club house terrace at Losari. Alone but for the thoughts of you.
17-01 18:52
Lighting over the three volcanos and the call to prayer in the distance. A got a ginger tea and not another person in sight…a pity you’re not.
17-01 22:00
Belum. I get 4 hours of sleep first. About to take a got bath. Thinking of you in many ways (and many positions)
18-01 06:51
On the train right now. Rice padi for miles. And the ocean.
18-01 07:44
You are pretty sweet, so i understand. Cant wait to see, touch and taste your sweetness again.
18-01 09:26
I think 42 is a special number. But a bit too many for that office. Still on the train watching a indo kung fu movie.
18-01 17:19
Got your message just as i was getting off the train and onto mr Bambang’s motorbike. Am now in his village and will set off tomorrow on 225km bicycle ride.
19-01 05:29
I am on the highway with 20 indo men on bicycles.
19-01 11:40
Now done 100 km and are stopping at a mosque to pray.
19-01 12:07
Despite the holiness of this moment with all my friends suplicating as the iman wails above me…i think of all the ways i want touch you.
19-01 14:41
Still riding. Starting to rain. 65 more km.
19-01 16:57
Still on the ride that will never end. In some mountains on a dirt road in Sundanese villages. I am the first white man many have seen. Gettin dark. Wish luck.
19-01 18:34
Still in the middle of the jungle. Still stopping to pray. Still on this bike ride.
19-01 19:21
The lake we are riding by is large and in a moon landscape.we are above it.
19-01 21:06
I would give a lot to be laying next to you right now.
19-01 23:31
Riding. Riding. Riding.
20-01 00:13
We are finally giving in. 20 hours of riding and we are now looking for a truck for the final 40km.
20-01 01:53
I am now in the back of a yellow truck with 14 bikes and 14 men. Standing room only with the wind in our hair. Some are sleeping.
20-01 11:27
Arrived at 245am . 5 hour sleep. Now sittin in middle of fish pond with men
20-01 13:08
I feel like a prisoner. We just keep doing nothing and wasting time. I am looking a way to escape. God i wish i was in bali.
20-01 15:36
Looking at pictures of you in my head. 48 more hours. Stuck again somewhere in java again. Feel like a hostage.
20-01 15:47
Hehe ya thanks. Sorry for yelling but the traffic is hell and i am in hell.
20-01 16:20
I have resigned myself and will begin to come terms with spending the rest of my days wandering the roads of java at 5km an hour.
20-01 19:34
Still riding.
20-01 19:37
I will be ok. Just another day in hell.
20-01 21:57
I had no idea how bad an idea this trip turned out to be. Still on the highway.
21-01 02:00
It just ended. Hell has subsided for now. Just got back. We will do many soft and sensual things together to make up for this.
21-01 15:49
I am on a bus to the airport. Was just thinking of you, too.
21-01 16:58
At the airport. Surprisingly uneventfull trip though I did almost fight a young man who was being rude to a woman at the bus depot.
22-01 00:12
Survived. See you tomorrow? I am at the school at 10 then another meeting in Ubud after lunch. Will take a hotel room for the next 4 nights.
22-01 00:27
Coffee, kiss and more.
22-01 08:19
Morning beautiful. See you in a few hours.

* Ed. note: Yogya is pronounced ‘Joke-jah’