Fax Not

This is excellent [that you sent me an email with a PDF form to apply for Emily Carr Institute Bursaries], I am ready to apply right away.
One lengthy note…er, rant, however:
Is it possible to submit this via email? I’m confused as to the benefit and perceived extra legality of faxing a form that requires me to find a printer, print the 5 page application (of which the last page is a wasteful and poorly executed single sentence), waste paper and money and time and the environment, fill out the form, then find a fax machine or fax service shop, spend more money and have it arrive in a digital albiet poor quality form in the Emily Carr fax machine…
Steps involved as created by requiring a faxed form: Receive form via email, open form on computer, get on bicycle and find a print shop, print and pay for printing form, find fax and fax form and pay for fax.
…when instead I could simply fill out the form using my Adobe Acrobat program on my computer and email it in its original digital form, including my digital signature, right back at ya with no extra cost to my wallet, the environment or my sanity?
Steps involved in emailing form as I propose: Receive form via email, open form and fill out computer, reply via email.
That would be sweet. Otherwise, I have a huge headache tomorrow to complete the above steps, being as I am in a foreign land with a foreign language and a consumer economy that is often 50% more expensive than my Canadian one.
Are there particular reasons for having to fax this form in that I am not considering?
Thanks for listening,