I am not Shigeru Ban

A recent comment posted by Wendall Chin on the entry http://jeffwerner.ca/2006/06/shigeru_ban.html says:
Hello, I’m reaserching [sic] my project on your Picture Window House. I’m in need of the entire landscape from the ocean to the tip of the hill. If you could provide a landscape site along with wide range of photos relative to the house, that would be great. Also, an address would we great so I’m able to search through Google Earth.
Thank you,
Hi Wendall, this will sound strange to you based on your misinterpretation, but I am not an architect. I am not Japanese. I am not Shigeru Ban.
I am a blogger, one of millions who pop up on Google every minute for a variety of things bloggers write about. Relationships. Eating. Cardboard tubes. I merely wrote an article about Shigeru Ban and posted it to my website. I’m not quite sure what led you to believe I was the architect himself, considering:

  1. The website has my name, Jeff Werner, at the very top left.
  2. I speak about Shigeru in the 3rd person.
  3. I use a disclaimer at the bottom of the article “All images taken from www.shigerubanarchitects.com except the portrait (from here) and the ticket, which is mine and I scanned it.”
  4. I include a scan of said ticket, i.e. the reception where I saw Ban talk, at the very top of the article.
  5. The very first sentence of my article discusses what the article is about: “Shigeru Ban presented an overview of his work…”

Regardless who you think I, or Shigeru Ban, am and are, I’m sorry but I must make a second point here regarding your comment on my site: it seemed rather presumptuous, overly demanding and in my opinion (and please bare in mind I’m but a student, and not even an architecture student at that) pretty rude to just flat out ask someone to do a bunch–a LOT–of work for you, out of the blue, unannounced, via one embarrassing little comment on some website. Be they a famous architect or a one-in-a-million student design blogger from Canada.
I mean thanks for commenting, but are you serious? You’re asking for the entire landscape site? Not just one, but a ‘wide’ range of photos? The address? Would you like Shigeru to personally sign and deliver it to you, and then proof-read the paper you’re going to write about it by doing the minimal amount of actual research besides Googling “shigeru ban picture window house” and knee-jerk commenting on every fourth link you see?
If I had any of this material you demand I would probably hand it over to you, seriously, if you could sensibly explain to me any of the above actions you took. Or for that matter, the four other people who blundered around in the same fashion.
But thanks for commenting,
Jeff Werner
Author of an article about a man, and not actually the man himself
I am not a Postum retailer nor a representative of Kraft.
I am not a Sand Artist.
I am not a BBQ expert nor a BBQ accessory importer.
I am not a Barber nor an importer of barber accessories from Pakistan.
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