Vancouver Summer Room for Rent

Click for full-size PDF (112kb). Design by roommate Tobias.
We are looking for some nice ECIAD-people to look after our place on 2360 Larch St. for a while! It’s located smack dab in the middle of Kitsilano in a very nice brand new house where we usually live and work. It’s a 2 min. walk to Safeway, 5 min. by bus to school, and of course 5 min. away from beautiful Kitsilano beach! The house is equipped with a brand new stainless steel kitchen, free laundry, and wireless internet. We have one room available from May through August, 2008, and three rooms from June through August, 2008.
Rent is $650/month + utilities. Worth mentioning is that there are three rooms downstairs which means that they will be nice and cool once the heat sets in.
Sounds interesting? Just send us a mail at: or contact us by phone at: 778.859.2170.