Listened in 2008

  1. Beirut
  2. Neutral Milk Hotel
  3. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
  4. Dan Deacon
  5. Ween
  6. Sacred Harp singers
  7. Morrissey
  8. Portishead
  9. Brian Eno
  10. The Smiths
  11. The Cinematic Orchestra
  12. Elvis Costello
  13. Björk
  14. Devendra Banhart
  15. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
  16. Radiohead
  17. Electrelane
  18. Feist
  19. Ernst Reijseger And Mola Sylla
  20. Talking Heads
  21. Girl Talk
  22. The Books
  23. Julee Cruise
  24. Aesop Rock
  25. Dan Bern

Compared to my top artists from 2006 only three remained at the top for 2008: Elvis Costello, Ted Leo, Brian Eno. Some of the new entries, however, weren’t so much as new to my ears as they were to being mp3s: artists like Morrissey and Ween were simply on CD in 2006 before I started migrating them over to the computer. Some artists are genuine newcomers, like Girl Talk, Julee Cruise, Dan Deacon and Beirut; others, like Aesop Rock and The Books, had been forgotten on an external hard drive and resurrected.
*I upgraded’s plug-in near the end of the 2008; previously it did not include iPod play counts.