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  • Istanbul Shrine


  • Off to see the fairies

    In a rush

  • Acropolis

    View of the Acropolis, Athens. September 2003.

  • Hagia Sophia and Toilets

    Saw the inside of 1,500 year=old Hagia Sophia today. The dome was higher than I thought, very nice. As was the 1000-year-old graffitti on the marble banisters. As usual, scafholding to the extreme. Skipped the 32,000,000TL Topkapiand instead had a much needed nap. Also realized every single tolet I’ve used on this trip locates its…

  • Caryatids of the Acropolis

    Athens, Greece.

  • Greece to Istanbul

    Here I go on a Turkısh keyboard: Graham and I flew from Cambrıdge to Athens. Were sıttıng aboard the bus from the aırport to somewhere else when we get pıcked up by Katerına and Arne whose weddıng we were to attend. Spent the next 60 mınutes at 120km/hr wıth an Irısh gırlfrıend, a Greek bride,…

  • ME Update #1

    Day 1 – 3 Vancouver – Amsterdam – Cambridge International flight is at once a marvelous, awe-inspiring thing, whilst giving a minor headache. It felt like I was in a space capsul, looking over the clouds at the curvature of the earth, seeing nothing but stars at night, as the jet turbines carried me and…

  • A Different Take

  • One more class

    It’s been a busy few weeks, and two more busy weeks to come as I finish exams and last assignments. Completely finished one class today; three more to go. In fact, by this Thursday, 11:30 am, I will have finished attending my last lecture for my undergrad degree. Today was the first day I actually…