Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada


  • Mushrooms of BC

    Mushrooms of BC

    Re-design of decades-old and divergent templates for the Royal BC Museum handbook series, culminating in the jewel of the guides, Mushrooms of British Columbia. In the 30+ years since many of the museum’s handbooks were published advancements in printing, photography, workflow, and digital formats means a small team—myself in design, an editor, two authors, and…

  • The Object’s The Thing

    The Object’s The Thing

    Cover and interior design, incorporating archival image editing and the use of multiple text and layout styles to distinguish historical, interpretive and contemporary writings. May 2021, paperback, 336 pages Almost everyone who has visited a Canadian park or museum has been touched by Edwards’s legacy—but few know his name. Through essays and photographs, a biography…

  • Pressed Plants

    Pressed Plants

    Cover and interior design. Text by Linda P.J. Lipsen, with illustrations by Derek Tan. February 2023, paperback, 104 pages.

  • Better Halves

    Better Halves

    Interior and cover design, with flaps and decorative chapter motif. 5.25″×8″, 280 pages. Published November, 2022.

  • A Polyamory Devotional

    A Polyamory Devotional

    Cover and interior design, with illustrations by Tikva Wolf, published 2023.

  • Cycling the PNW Vol 1

    Cycling the PNW Vol 1

    Cover and interior design.

  • Great Expectations

    Great Expectations

    Cover and interior design. Matte jacketed paperback cover, footnotes, index. Cover and interior illustrations by Ping Zhu. Published September 2019, 240 pages.

  • Sharks


    Cover and interior design. Sharks, Skates, Rays and Chimeras of British Columbia is also first in a series I was commissioned by the Royal BC Museum to develop featuring a new graphic and layout template for their revised handbook and field guide series. Published May, 2020, 232 pages.

  • The Recognition Sūtras

    The Recognition Sūtras

    Cover and interior design, including foil-stamped jacket and binding, soft cover edition, and ebook. Font selection and treatment was particularly challenging with multiple character, diacritic, and unicode support. Working from scanned manuscripts, to Microsoft Word documents, to final InDesign layouts introduced a variety of new and surprising technology hurdles (font variants make even copy-pasting an…

  • Ask – Interior Book Design

    Ask – Interior Book Design

    Interior design and typesetting from concept through printing and ebook. Multiple authors, sections and chapters, with variable text alignment and graphic highlights for chapter title emphasis. Paperback with French flaps, 5.25″×8″, 224 pages. Cover design by HardestWalk.

  • It’s Called Polyamory

    It’s Called Polyamory

    Second printing and new cover & interior design, typesetting, print production and ebook. Variable graphic motif for chapter headings. Paperback version 5.25″x8″, 208 pages, ebook in enhanced epub and Kindle formats.

  • Thorntree Press Fundamental Series

    Thorntree Press Fundamental Series

    Concept design and implementation for a new book series, including graphic look and cover and interior templates. Created first two covers, as well as interior design and typesetting through to print and ebook production, for the series.

  • Love, Retold Graphic Novel

    Love, Retold Graphic Novel

    Graphic novel layout, with extensive word and image editing, to translate the web-based comic to print paperback. Full colour gloss, 6″×9″, 96 pages. Cover and interior illustrations by Tikva Wolf, cover design by Darinka Aguirre.    

  • Goddess and the Guru

    Goddess and the Guru

    Cover & interior design, from concept through to printing and ebook. Foil stamped jacket and cloth binding, two-colour printing, nearly 400 margin notes, tipped-in end papers and author-signed pages, and full-colour photo inserts. Both limited edition hardcover, and softcover. Published 2017, 8.25×8.25 inches, 416 pages; epub 3.0 and Kindle enhanced.

  • Purple Prose

    Purple Prose

    Cover, interior design, print production. Published September, 2016, 352 pages.

  • Lessons in Love and Life

    Lessons in Love and Life

    Interior concept, design, and print production.