Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada


  • Blind Man

    Blind Man


  • Unit


  • Folding Clock

    Paper, ink – Eindhoven, 2008.  

  • Stack


    While the roommates were away for the weekend I cleaned up the living room. Eindhoven, NL, 2008.

  • Pumpin’ Parka

    A 48-hour design charrette with the goal of encouraging designers to quickly evaluate the needs of people interacting within a defined geographic area and design an object to facilitate an unmet need. The charrette, directed by guest lecturer and Italian design educator Lorenzo Imbesi, tasked our group with researching, generating ideas, and fabricating a design…

  • Tin Can Phone

    Tin Can Phone

    A functional tin can phone suspended from the Granville Street Bridge to Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The quarter kilometre line created a surprisingly large amount of stress and pressure from the wind and its own weight. In collaboration with Misha Olynyk.

  • Hand Gestures

    Hand Gestures

    Three minute performance video about the cultural interpretations of hand gestures, inspired by the documentary methods of Errol Morris and the performance aesthetics of Laurie Anderson and Martha Rosler. The video currently has over 190,000 views on YouTube. Modeling by Amanda Huynh and myself.

  • Personal Colour Theory

    Conceptual exploration into generating relationships between coloured areas in a calendar-like layout. Flexing the backing produces new shadows and reflections of adjacent ‘days’. Vancouver, 2006.

  • Dynamic Reality Censor System

    Dynamic Reality Censor System

  • Dice Man

    Dice Man

    Dice Man. An ongoing collaborative project with Andreas Brændhaugen, started 2005.

  • Big Deal

    Big Deal