Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada


  • Group W Logo

    Group W Logo

    “Alternative” bicycle racing group with a motive for mischief wanted “bad” logo to match their ongoing bad design efforts to produce collateral and clothing designs for their new club and race series. Inspiration included obscure Woody Guthrie lyrics and trash (literally). Gave myself one hour, tops, to produce the whole thing from hand drawing, to various scan methods…

  • Bike Washing Steps

    Bike Washing Steps

    Emphasis on fast-to-thorough ratio, and cheap-and-effective, steps I’ve developed over the years for the road cyclist, as I wash at least one bike, roughly once a week. Whole procedure takes about 15–20 minutes, including set-up, pack-up. Tools & Supplies: Steps:

  • Saddle Bag

    Saddle Bag

    Design, testing and production sewing of a compact under-saddle cycling bag in over 500 units and 20 colourways . Snugs up tight, compact, discreet: no sagging sack under your ass. Holds an inner tube (up to 700×35), tire levers, an energy bar and a multitool. Cordura outer with hook & loop closure. Reflective tag faces behind you, offset to avoid…

  • Musette


    The classic lightweight musette, upgraded. A shoulder bag for riding and urban commuting—or anyone on the go, on or off the bike. Folds small. Angled straps lay flat over the shoulder, snap and loop closures, double-stitched (French) seems. Created in a variety of styles.

  • Road Cycling the Big Island

    Road Cycling the Big Island

    I’d rank the 10 days I spent road riding and training on Hawaii’s Big Island as likely (highly likely) the best riding I’ve done anywhere. I based all of my rides out of the Waikoloa Resort area, which is 40km north of Kona. Most of the ride distances below are based on starts in Waikoloa. Here’s…

  • Learnings of a Cat 1/2 Cycling Director

    Also called a Directeur Sportif, i.e. the “person directing a cycling team during a road bicycle racing event.” I’ve been asked to fill that role this year with my amateur cycling team. While still a racer, I took to the start line this morning in sweaters and an umbrella instead of lycra and a helmet.…

  • Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition

    Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition

    The newly-formed VCXC approached me to create a crest for their new cycling initiative. With a provided sketch and a couple evenings I iterated a number of wordmarks and monograms and developed them into a modernized heraldic crest for use on promotional posters, flyers and social media invites. The process involved hand sketching, scanning, digitizing,…

  • Cycling Injury Translator

    Airborne. by ewwhite, on Flickr. Used with permission. It can be confusing to follow all the injuries of the professional cyclist. Team press releases and race reports describe our heros as suffering anything from “acute abrasions” in that Tour crash, to “deep contusions” after that training run-in with a car, to reasons why he did…

  • Ride Your Stock Bike

    With every new bike I want to try a new riding position, not just replicate my old one. I always want to reduce fatigue, get more aero, generate more power. If you just got a new bike, ride it—or better yet race it—straight outta the box. It’s a way to quickly test a number of…

  • Calories per dollar

    Having a Costco membership is changing the foods we eat and how much we spend on them. We recently spent $80 CDN (before taxes) on eight items from Costco and I started a spreadsheet comparing their calories—the carbs, fat, protein and other nutritional information from their product labels. For example, one way to calculate nutritional…

  • Seymour + Cypress

    Seymour + Cypress