Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada


  • Base5


    Brand rollout and marketing design—brochures, cards, posters, stickers—including an full revamp of key print materials to align with the gym’s new branding and branching out with single-use or short run promotions. For both gym locations in Vancouver, Canada. 2019–ongoing.

  • Mushrooms of BC

    Mushrooms of BC

    Re-design of decades-old and divergent templates for the Royal BC Museum handbook series, culminating in the jewel of the guides, Mushrooms of British Columbia. In the 30+ years since many of the museum’s handbooks were published advancements in printing, photography, workflow, and digital formats means a small team—myself in design, an editor, two authors, and…

  • The Object’s The Thing

    The Object’s The Thing

    Cover and interior design, incorporating archival image editing and the use of multiple text and layout styles to distinguish historical, interpretive and contemporary writings. May 2021, paperback, 336 pages Almost everyone who has visited a Canadian park or museum has been touched by Edwards’s legacy—but few know his name. Through essays and photographs, a biography…

  • Pressed Plants

    Pressed Plants

    Cover and interior design. Text by Linda P.J. Lipsen, with illustrations by Derek Tan. February 2023, paperback, 104 pages.

  • DB Power

    DB Power

    Brand and collateral design for a small business launch. Simple and effective, particularly for the owner/operator to implement on their own, in the saturated outdoor powersport market of Kelowna, Canada.

  • Church Legal

    Church Legal

    Website redesign and revised site map. Project coding and management by Paul Beard.

  • Mentor Guides

    Mentor Guides

    Series of three guides, colour and image-themed for quick identification. Developed for the non-profit Immigrant Services Society of BC and their mentoring program connecting students, staff, and businesses in Vancouver, Canada. Branding, font and icon selection, layout and print- and screen-ready booklets. A single file for each guide can be purposed by ISS staff for…

  • Better Halves

    Better Halves

    Interior and cover design, with flaps and decorative chapter motif. 5.25″×8″, 280 pages. Published November, 2022.

  • Men’s Initiative

    Men’s Initiative

    Develop a new look & feel for an initiative founded at the University of British Columbia, starting with their 2020 Strategy and Business Development documents. Selected imagery, fonts, and colour palette. Exported for print and screen. 2020.