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  • Casio MQ-24 series watch battery replacement

    Casio MQ-24 series watch battery replacement

    This may also apply to other Casio models with similar snap-on back covers. I believe the following batteries codes are all compatible: SR626SW / 377 Battery / SR66. I bought the Maxell SR626SW in bulk. Parts & tools: 1. Remove one strap. Flip the watch face down on your table. We need to remove one of…

  • Bike Washing Steps

    Bike Washing Steps

    Emphasis on fast-to-thorough ratio, and cheap-and-effective, steps I’ve developed over the years for the road cyclist, as I wash at least one bike, roughly once a week. Whole procedure takes about 15–20 minutes, including set-up, pack-up. Tools & Supplies: Steps: