R80 05 The 10,000lb elephant in the room

R80 05 The 10,000lb elephant in the room

Did I mention we’re powder coating the frame, so we’d like to have the drive shaft out of the swing arm, but I couldn’t get the end nut—which is inside the drive cone—off?

Took it to my buddy’s automotive garage where a vibrating Snap-on tool (looks like a 1950s little ray gun), followed by an impact gun, got it off. Not easy, but not bad: about 15 minutes of contemplating and actual elbow grease.

The pressfit part…much harder. All sorts of pounding and vice-holding and blowtorching wouldn’t budge it. However a 10,000lb half bearing press, plus some blow torch heat did, barely, and with a bang when it did finally release.

Beyond me, and almost beyond my buddy’s tool.

Seems strange that the press-fit is round-to-round (even if conical) for something applying large amounts of torque on the same plane…but I guess when it’s 10,000lbs to get it to release, sure.

A liberating sight.

Photos (and brute force) courtesy Eurotune.