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R80 01: tackle the easier take-offs

Thinking I’ll continue this thread with updates on my process in the hopes that the wise and experienced amongst us can continue to point out tips / problems. I’ll also endeavour to search out answers from previous threads before asking here.

I was solo flying tonight and spent seven hours stripping down, bagging, and tagging. Looked at recommended orders of procedure, as well as what I could accomplish alone and not screw up too much until my more experienced mechanic buddy’s back from the weekend, and here’s what I got through (text in bold is “next time armed with more knowledge before screwing it up”):

  1. Photo document full bike, and details= shots, from multiple angles (and photodoc every part before / after take-off)
  2. Seat off (wasn’t bolted in at hinges, just hooked and resting on frame)
  3. Undo negative battery terminal
  4. Side fairings off (one rubber band), and bicycle pump from frame pegs.
  5. Tank off (two plastic thumb screws, hose clamps on fuel hose both sides) and drain it with petcock on reserve.
  6. Rear fender off (4x 10mm nuts I think, with bolt and plate falling out on reverse) with flap and rear lights still attached (unhooking single plastic connecter from main wire harness)
  7. Grab bar unbolt (13mm, and 6mm hex…more room to remove…)
  8. Battery out (plastic thumb screw and 10mm bolt to remove golding plate, tilt back in holder, pull up, turn 90º, curse, finally pull up and out between frame members). Holder rusted in (next time).
  9. Right passenger peg off
  10. Speedo tach single unit off: turns out electrical connector (10-pin I think) just pulls out, after I unscrewed backing plate because it was sticking). Single tach (speed?) cable unscrewed.
  11. Carbs (Bing brand) off. Slack off barrel adjusters, remove throttle cables first, undo intake and outtake clamps (stamped with BMW, nice), then undo choke wire with 7mm wrench…and here I thought I’d never use a 7mm in my lifetime. Head boots wouldn’t come off easy, pretty dry and cracked, left on for now.

Snack time: off-brand nutella jar warmed in water bath, eaten on a spoon, instant coffee.

  1. Right foot peg (19mm). Left footpeg…gotta read up on this first, as it’s attached to shifter.
  2. Bleed out front brake (it’s a later model with reservoir at the lever). Remove throttle assembly from bar. Removing calliper from fork seemed…I need to read more.
  3. Front fender attempt to remove…couldn’t budge two bolts, nor flex fender mount off.
  4. Headlight bucket open (just one screw), unplug, unplug blinkers (after carefully tagging wire with location on board)
  5. Clutch lever off after slacking cable adjuster and pulling cable out from holder (surprisingly easy!). One Granturismo Italian grip was X-acto’d off in the process, though.
  6. Rear brake switch—had to unbolt the wires to pull through the frame.
  7. Choke off (one flathead screw)
  8. Ignition coils off (sounds so easy, but spent my time here to document and tag every connector).
  9. Headlight bucket off, pull out with main harness, disconnecting bare minimum. Wire harness from engine still on bike.

Dinner: hotplate fry-up of some dumplings from the freezer.

227 Photos taken. Here’s a few:

Status when I started at 2PM, bike complete.
Status when I finished at 9PM: Central nervous system, brain, stomach, some small organs removed.
Bike in a box (well, half a bike, in a few boxes).

Full photo set (so far):






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