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R80 02 Almost bare…able workload

Almost down to the frame: just swingarm, driveshaft, front forks, any pressed bearings, and engine to go. Everything prepped, most nuts and bolts off, just need to read up on best practices for:

  1. Removing swingarm…axle, i.e. threaded…bolts? axle? Still in there after removing the 27mm nuts, don’t want to force them until I know what they are.
  2. Steering stem removal—top acorn nut off, locking ring off, dust cap off, just stem and bearings, whacks a few times with a 2×4 and hammer and didn’t budge. I guess I just need to…whack it more? Use penetrating oil and whack-a-mole?

Otherwise the four driveshaft nuts under the drive boot were easy to remove. Exhaust header nuts came off with some light heat and a light tap from a 2×4 and hammer (no fins damaged in the process, no special tool…although will order one for re-install). Front calliper holding bolt needed the ol’ M8-bolt-threaded-in-bottom-then-pull to pull it out (trick from Wheels off easy, fluids drained, centre stand was two bolts, subframe a cinch, and handlebars and full top assembly for them off in one piece. Only thing damaged tonight was the battery holder…so rusted, so corroded, nuts and bolts just twisting and spinnin’. Resorted to cutting the rubber mounts in half and pulling it out. Lower lag-bolt and nut style in bottom plate on frame still there…may have to grind out.

Tried by hand, then very, very gently whacked as tangentially as possible on a fin with a 2×4 and hammer…no budge. Knowing the aluminum will expand quickly, blowtorch in a constant moving pattern on the nut for 20 seconds, not hot enough that I couldn’t touch for more than a second, then slight tap with 2×4 and they budged.
Steering stem…not budging. Stay tuned…
This Craigslist lift coming in handy. That’s where I left it tonight.

As before, full photos here (another 200 or something from tonight):






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  1. Tony H Avatar
    Tony H

    Hey Jeff, I just found you blog while searching for info on R80s. I also have a ’78 that was in many boxes when I got it several years ago. It’s now finally getting some attention and is close to ready for its first test ride in a couple of decades. (Long story, not all my ownership) The forks need to come off and your post on pulling the front bits off is the best I’ve found. Thanks! Don’t hate me but I’m doing some mild-ish (hopefully tasteful) mods on this one, not restoring it. Anyway, hello from a fellow R80/7 owner and thanks again!

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