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R80 03 Acetone…more like awesometone

Dedicated penetrating sprays didn’t work. Banging about with a 2×4 didn’t work. A little acetone and 60 seconds later out popped the fork steerer.

Other items from last night:

  • Remove swingarm…so uh yeah, I didn’t see through all the grease that those swingarm pivot bolts have a 6mm hex socket in them…took one minute to unscrew from the frame.
  • Drive shaft: getting that out of the swingarm is apparently not so easy. My Hayne’s manual wasn’t kidding: that end nut is on TIGHT
  • Airbox: nice single bolt to pull one half off.
  • Steering lock: I tried to hammer out the rivet by tapping on the plate cover from behind but it wasn’t coming out, and the plate was getting dinged and bent, so I stopped.

I tried to get creative with the driveshaft: re-attached it with the four bolts to the engine shaft (under the boot area) but I couldn’t get the gearbox back into gear to hold it still. The tried bolting that end of the shaft to some wood and hold it in a vice. And then a larger vice. And then a 2-foot lever for the socket and…I don’t want to screw anything up, so I’m going to wait for my mechanic buddy and:

  1. Use an impact drill to get the drive shaft rivet off?
  2. Should I grind off the steering lock rivet?
Straight-up acetone with a little syringe applicator, 1cc and the steering bearing finally budged.
Driveshaft end nut…not so much. That thing is on tight. Trying to hold the red part while cranking on the blue part. Maybe will have to leave it, bag it, and they powdercoat the swingarm with it still in?
A Canadian garage means a Canadian dinner: ketchup-flavoured chips. Off-screen: can of no-name baked beans.
Of interest: the cheap ultrasonic cleaner we bought off craigslist seems to be working.






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