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R80 04 Thread the needle, shoot the gap

Remember those small puzzles as a kid, where two loops of steel were wrapped around each other and you had to figure out how to detach them with just the right number of steps and angles and twist and turns? Like that, but heavier.

That swing ain’t for kids, either.
The full stirrup.
Took a few cups of tea and a good long look at the set-up to finally realize (and after checking this forum) that the transmission had to come off if I wanted to get the engine out of the frame. Or is it getting the frame out of the engine? Either way, just four bolts and the transmission popped off.
I figure a pro (and/or any of you guys) could have had everything off and the frame ready for paint in what, four hours? I spent…17. Took it slow, took my time, figured things out as I went. Plus 700 photos, 100 labels and some very creative storage solutions in our over-crowded garage.






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