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R80 06 Little Pump

Questions for tonight:

  1. Sourcing new seat lock?
  2. Options for matching keys / getting new keys?
  3. Sourcing new bolt and nut hardware…maybe ALL the bolts?
  4. Can you tell me more about this amazing frame pump the bike came with?!

Just an hour in the garage tonight, final prep on the frame before paint next week. Part of the side of the metal box around the seat lock came off when I unscrewed it. Must have been dinged at some point in the past—it just crumbled. Not essential but maybe I can source a new one. Although I’m still having trouble getting the steering lock off the frame. Actually, one more question: should I just grind that rivet out off from the steering lock cover?

As for keys, the previous owner only supplied us with one, and it’s puny and looks like a copy (no rubber or plastic or BMW branding, I don’t think), and it doesn’t seem to work in the steering tumbler (it goes in, but doesn’t turn it…I’ll have to check if it works on the seat lock). I’m assuming keys are similar to Honda, where I can just bring the numerical code into a dealer and they can still get original keys for me.

Took a bunch of the footpeg hardware for a bath in the Simple Green Ultrasonic and they came out…well they’re pretty rusted still. Looking into re-zincing them or just…buying new?

But what I really care about is this amazing frame pump we found in what appears to be a dedicated frame pump mounting area under the seat on the subframe and hell yes I’m overhauling it and getting it re-powder coated and (hopefully) filled out with new rubber seals. Coming to motorbikes as I did from a cycling background this is extra special and I will go to great lengths to ensure this pump is a show piece in this restomod (even if it never sees the light of day under the seat and would take what, five hours and arms like Arnold to pump a tire with).

We may not even need a stock seat lock, depending on what we go with for a final subframe and seat.
An ultrasonic cleaner and Simple Green can’t work miracles.
The pièce de résistance: the little (BMW?) pump.
Dedicated mounting pegs JUST LIKE AN OLD-SCHOOL ROAD BICYCLE. I mean just look how they even prioritized keeping it parallel with the fender instead of the subframe.
Needs a little love and I will spend HOURS making sure it once again can pump its little heart out (right now it’d be more effective to pump a tire up with your mouth.)






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