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R80 08 Gadget Quest

Getting a lot more beep-bop-boop this time.

On order we’ve got an m.unit blue, 2x m.switch three-button controls, and a motoscope tiny speedometre (all Motogadget products). I’m re-doing and simplifying the entire wire harness and getting rid of anything I don’t need by going to the m.unit blue. Only other change to the stock bike is the previous owner installed an electronic ignition (back in the 1990s). I believe the stock regulator, rectifier, and diode board is still intact, just the points system is gone.

My DRAFT DON’T USE THIS YET wiring diagram (click to enlarge):

v0.4 of the wiring. NOT FOR USE…yet.

Questions (note this applies to the new m.unit blue, not the older m.unit versions):

  1. My main concern is connection to the ignition system, starter, and the generator areas (i.e. alternator / regulator / rectifier).
  2. No fuse needed between battery and starter solenoid?
  3. Best practices for running ground up to the front of the bike—I’m thinking a dedicated wire and clamp harness that all front controls can ground to (instead of individually grounding).
  4. Can the speedometre sensor (mounted near wheel magnet) send a signal to both the speedometre AND the m.unit at the same time? As I understand it the m/unit can then record speed data, correct?
  5. Can I use both a key ignition switch AND the bluetooth smartphone unlock to unlock the bike? Or will there be some sort of conflict?
  6. My turn signals are incandescent bulbs, not LED…do I still need a diode between their signal and the speedometre LED lights (i.e. so I don’t get bleed from a right turn signal bulbs turning on the left turn signal bulbs?)
  7. I’m wiring my handlebar clutch lever switch to the new “STAND” input on the m.unit, i.e. bike won’t start until clutch lever is pulled in (it’s a safety feature I think is worth it). Are bump starts still possible with this set-up though?






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