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R80 11 Cleaning and polishing mixing boards

Straight forward afternoon at the garage going through parts one-by-one. It gets a bit ridiculous spending half an hour cleaning and polishing the rear brake switch, which sets a precedent, so now you got to clean and polish every little bit. But that’s the precedent we set, and this bike may never see this kind of attention or refurb again in its lifetime. But I’m not being super anal…just minor anal. I cringe at some of the spots or gunk left—I can see how collector show guys get obsessive—but I’ve got a lot of bikes in my future to get to, so I’m not going to spend years on my first restoration.

The old grease on these splines just keeps coming. Moly grease? It stains everything, and is deep brown and thick.
Finally went to Dave’s shop to use the big guns on this guy.
Even after mutliple runs through the simple green ultrasonic, and multiple degrease runs by hand, AND the cleaning tank at the pro shop, it still has brown gunk. Good enough.
Voltage regulator before.
Voltage regulator after. Also coated it in three rounds of matte clear coat (while avoiding the contacts).
Dremel out the corrosion on the rear brake switch contacts (after a soak in the ultra sonic bath…that’s not bad for it, right?)
Polishing compounds from Dave.
Horn before and after.
Rear brake drum arm.






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    greg ingegniero

    god bless those that seek and preserve beauty and perfection…
    this world needs more individuals dedicated to worthy goals.
    keep on keepin’ on Brother….

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