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R80 14 Lay it all on the line

Did a hip grid of all (well, most) of the parts for the build.

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom. All new unless otherwise stated:

  • Front forks (original)
  • bar end mirrors (no name)
  • Emgo scrambler / tracker handlebar
  • Motogadget Motoscope Tiny speedometre
  • Motogadget m.unit blue digital controller
  • Rubber grommets, assorted
  • Mufflers (original)
  • Posh blinker and tail lights
  • Motogadget m.switches (three button)
  • LED 1156 and 1157 bulbs
  • Motogadget m.button (digital relay)
  • LED light (for charging lamp)
  • Tommaselli Vintage Dual Pull Throttles
  • Toggle switch, waterproof
  • Electrical terminals (various…many dozens)
  • Exhaust nut wrench
  • Front brake caliper (original)
  • Venhill custom cable kit (clutch and throttle)
  • Fuel line (braided)
  • Buss bar
  • Heat shrink adhesive lined
  • Zip ties (plastic, stainless, low profile)
  • Grote LED head light lamp
  • Emgo 7″ vintage head light bucket
  • IKON rear shocks
  • BMW tank badges (new)
  • Rear wheel cover gasket
  • Bing carbs, with new rubber, and new carb kit
  • 12V test light
  • GXL wire (16 and 20 gauge)
  • Splice crimps
  • Deutsch connectors and terminal crimp tool, and release tool
  • Exhaust headers (original)
  • Final drive (original)
  • Spark plug wires and plugs
  • rim strips
  • inner tubes
  • battery holder
  • battery cable and terminals and heat shrink
  • vinyl loom
  • braided split loom
  • Ignition key (original)
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Rear brake shoes
  • Drive shaft (original)
  • Shift lever (original)
  • Brake lever (original)
  • Drive shaft bolts
  • Drive shaft boot
  • Tesa tape
  • Sub frame (custom)
  • Gas cap (original) and new gasket
  • Gas tank (original)
  • Front wheel (original)
  • Front axle (original)
  • Frame (original)
  • Ignition coil and bracket (Dyna)
  • Voltage regulator
  • Foot pegs (original) and new rubber
  • Brake foot lever arm (original)
  • Front brake master cylinder (original) with overhaul kit
  • Horn (original)
  • Rear axle

Borrowed a friend’s nice SLR, put on a wide angle lens, and camped out in the rafters, running up and down the ladder to get the layout. Left a spot open for the rear wheel and engine, when they come in, and can swap out the tank, forks, and mufflers for the new ones when we decide on ’em / find ’em.

Testing layouts and ladder muscles.
Clean concrete slate.
Brought the heater up there with me (0ºC in the garage this week).
That massive order with Eastern Beaver took the longest.
More testing.






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