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R80 17 Half Back in Black

Toodling around the garage, waiting for the engine to come in (little did I know it’s still wayyyyyy delayed). Some miscellaneous items and add-ons for the R80 this week.

My R75/7 gas cap on the left, the R80, with new gasket, on the right. Definitely a different design…hope this works.
So yeah, the old gas cap gasket has gone bye-bye. Those mystery yellow rubber plugs? The power coaters plugged it when they painted the tank.
Definitely the nicest addition yet. Had my eyes on Cone Engieering’s mufflers for my Kawasaki KZ650 and my buddy, who owns this R80, agreed they are the pipes to have. Stainless, too (no touching—seriously, the heat will then stain your finger oils on them).
Well packaged, too
Not everything new is a joy on this build—this grease gun from Wunderlich suuuuuuuuucks.
Highs, lows, and just meh: bought some Mother’s-brand plastic blackening / restore stuff, sort of worth it, barely. Will see how it holds up outside.
Before and after.
Custom seat pan, from Crowe Metal Works, testing.
Underside of the seat pan. Not exciting that it takes four allen bolts to attach and remove. Looking into quick latch options.
Custom sub frame, where the custom seat pan bolts to, and where I plan to put the electrical box.
Replace the choke cables for $30US, or buy these direct-mount choke pulls for $50US? This is definitely more fun, and the less cable clutter, the better (visually…and maintenance-ly…but mainly visually).






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