Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada


  • Push / Pull

    Push / Pull

    Lamps for kicking, cramming, swinging and hanging. Created in conjunction with Re-Fab: Design for Sail, a partnership between Canada Place and Vancouver Architecture For Humanity Society to repurpose the fabric from the old Canada Place sails. Exhibited at the IDSWest (Interior Design Show West) in 2011. We created a series of material experiments—verbs to push sail with. We…

  • Party Lock

    Hand made in Vancouver, Party Lock is an extended take on the traditional bicycle u-lock. At two-and-a-half feet of zinc-plated steel, it’s designed to secure your bike, your friend’s bike, or your family’s bikes—or anyone else you’re pedalling about with—because those who cycle together stay together. Originally available at Walrus in Vancouver, 2010. Created with…

  • Healthy Oceans

    Healthy Oceans

    I was contracted by the David Suzuki Foundation to develop a focused online campaign for the environmental organization’s Healthy Oceans initiative. Working with marine mapping data I created a Google Earth fly-over of at-risk ocean areas while designing and coding a website featuring user-submitted videos, an online petition to the federal government, and an embedded…

  • Big Ambition Campaign

    Big Ambition Campaign

    Concept, design and custom fabrication for a bus shelter ad campaign. After securing a $37,000 worth of advertising budget from the City of Vancouver and CBS we created this parallel slogan and graphic identity to run in select shelter spaces. During daylight hours the official poster slogan reads “Small school big ambition” while at night…

  • Grad Website 2009

    Joint concept, design and coding. Tasked with building the Emily Carr Graduation website in one week, designer Alex Buss and I set a number of goals, chiefly to make it as easy as possible for visitors to view work, to download it and to redistribute it online. We eliminated superfluous pop-ups and click-throughs found in…

  • Emily Carr Says What?

    Emily Carr Says What?

    Advertising campaign proposal for the university’s Graduation Exhibition. After securing $37,000 in donated advertising space we designed a series of two-part campaign posters. Short slogans appear to disparage, or have fun with, the school’s reputation. But when backlit, turned, or re-read new and improved slogans are revealed. Language translations were produced based on city demographics…

  • Steal This Poster

    I was the organizer for a guest lecture with David Wotherspoon, commercial litigator in intellectual property, at the Emily Carr University entitled “Who Owns Your Art & Design”. Developed with co-organizer Amanda Huynh, in conjunction with the National Research Council of Canada. February, 2009.

  • Pumpin’ Parka

    A 48-hour design charrette with the goal of encouraging designers to quickly evaluate the needs of people interacting within a defined geographic area and design an object to facilitate an unmet need. The charrette, directed by guest lecturer and Italian design educator Lorenzo Imbesi, tasked our group with researching, generating ideas, and fabricating a design…

  • Tin Can Phone

    Tin Can Phone

    A functional tin can phone suspended from the Granville Street Bridge to Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The quarter kilometre line created a surprisingly large amount of stress and pressure from the wind and its own weight. In collaboration with Misha Olynyk.

  • Foundation Show

    Foundation Show

    Joint concept, design, printing and photography. Our four-person project was the winning entry in a juried competition to promote the University’s year-end Foundation show. A poster, series of flyers, wayfinding system, signage, and exhibition labelling were designed and produced. In collaboration with Tobias Ottahal, Amanda Huynh and Andreas Brœndhaugen.