Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada

Push / Pull

Lamps for kicking, cramming, swinging and hanging.

Created in conjunction with Re-Fab: Design for Sail, a partnership between Canada Place and Vancouver Architecture For Humanity Society to repurpose the fabric from the old Canada Place sails. Exhibited at the IDSWest (Interior Design Show West) in 2011.

We created a series of material experiments—verbs to push sail with. We tried to torch it, burn it, boil it and blend it; to stretch and tear it, twist and braid it, drill and pierce it; mould, glue and engrave it, sandblast, bleach and stain it. We microwaved it. We used liquid nitrogen on it. And it asked for more.

Push / Pull became a series of lamps that celebrated this beauty in strength.

Images by Julian Hecht.

Freezing sail to −196°C with liquid nitrogen.
Freezing sail to −196°C with liquid nitrogen.
List of verbs applied to sail.
List of verbs applied to sail.