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  • Aeropress Process

    Aeropress Process

    Thirty-three step guide to brewing a single serving mug of coffee with an Aeropress. This is a process in process; suggestions welcome. Water Empty kettle of old water Run fresh, cold, Vancouver Canada tap water in kettle, 1/4 full (approx. 300ml) Put kettle on element, 9/10 setting for electric Place thermometre in kettle Beans Set […]

  • Ride Your Stock Bike

    With every new bike I want to try a new riding position, not just replicate my old one. I always want to reduce fatigue, get more aero, generate more power. If you just got a new bike, ride it—or better yet race it—straight outta the box. It’s a way to quickly test a number of […]

  • Calories per dollar

    Having a Costco membership is changing the foods we eat and how much we spend on them. We recently spent $80 CDN (before taxes) on eight items from Costco and I started a spreadsheet comparing their calories—the carbs, fat, protein and other nutritional information from their product labels. For example, one way to calculate nutritional […]

  • First Roast

    First Roast

    My buddy Scott went to Costa Rica last year just as we were getting into coffee and he thought he’d bring back a little vacation souvenir to feed the growing hobby: coffee beans. Specifically green beans, unroasted, direct from the farmer. A couple pounds to play around with. He ended up with 20 kilos. Scooped […]

  • Bialetti Showdown: Aluminum vs. Stainless

    Bialetti Showdown: Aluminum vs. Stainless

    I always thought the aluminum bialetti left a metallic taste in its brew so my Lady and I switched our morning ritual to a stainless model over a year ago and never looked back. I’ve heard, and read, of others who felt and did the same, yet there’s always been that little nagging modern doubt: […]

  • Classic Vancouver Cycling Routes

    Looking over some of the classic road cycling routes of Vancouver I’m starting to see some patterns and shapes emerge. When I see the GPS tracks for these rides on a map I feel like calling them by their birds-eye views rather than their usual road / area names. Example: Rather than say “Let’s take […]

  • App Gifts

    App Gifts

    Hey Oli, I decided to use that iTunes gift certificate you got me towards buying apps—and only apps—for my phone. It’s great, a gift that keeps on giving, so much more than buying one album. I’ve only used half the money on the card and bought the following apps: Sleep Cycle Alarm PicFrame Caffeine Zone […]

  • What I’m doing this week

    Riding Seymour and Cypress / submitting a patent application / washing my bike / building two websites / installing a window display / organizing a photoshoot / getting drunk / applying for EI / applying for jobs / meeting a friend’s new girl / hanging out with a baby / creating a business plan / […]

  • Mistakes I Made Last Week

    Lost the keys to a rental van Didn’t attack in the last lap for lack of confidence Cut off a teammate Went out to eat too often while on a budget Didn’t eat enough protein

  • Rights I Made Last Week

    Stayed in town for a gallery opening Went for a hike with the Moms Pulled over before feeling too sleepy Signed up for a friend’s bachelor party Encouraged high school art students Caught up with an old friend Mingled with many acquaintances at a party instead of just close friends Wrote a testimonial for a […]

  • Mistakes I Made Last Week

    Didn’t check the race bike’s rear tire thoroughly enough and then flatted in a race Was too abrupt with someone who was having relationship troubles Didn’t call a girl when I said I would Set a deadline for a client I couldn’t keep Held back too long in a sprint finish  Didn’t bring food on […]

  • Emily Carr University 2010 Exhibition: Design

    The 2010 Emily Carr University Graduation Exhibitions. Nice vinyl on concrete outside the Granville Island campus. The whole show was pretty well branded, from the name tags to the labels to the wayfinding to the print catalogue. I made a quick run around the Design exhibit at this year’s Emily Carr grad show. The following […]

  • Seymour + Cypress

    Seymour + Cypress

  • Mistakes I Made Last Week

    * Sold an item on ebay for too little * Shipped an item to a customer on ebay without insurance * Went out drinking the night before a bike race * Didn’t go to a bike race * Went on a date with a girl who already has a boyfriend * Went on a different […]

  • Pearl Izumi P.R.O. 2009 Cycling Shoes

    And how to ship stuff to the USA when you live in Canada. I needed a new pair of road cycling / racing shoes to replace my 15 year-old Sidi shoes. I love Sidis but they’re pricey and well, I’ve never ridden anything else. My requirements: carbon sole something mid-range but on sale if possible, […]

  • Cycling Vancouver to Blaine, USA

    A combination of bicycle riding and public transport. View Vancouver to Blaine in a larger map Total round trip is about 4.5 hours, including lunch in Blaine: Ride from home to Commercial Skytrain Station Take Expo Line (heading east) to King George Station, $5 (or take the risk of riding for free Get off King […]

  • Oregon to San Francisco

    Second segment of my bike touring trip from Vancouver to Baja, this portion from Xmas day to just after New Years, where I’m taking a few days off to visit a friend in San Francisco. Day 7 144km 5:40 26 Dec 09 Just south of Waldport to Florence to North Bend to Sunset Bay Park […]

  • Victoria to Oregon

    A recap of the first week of the cycling touring trip from Vancouver to Baja Sur, this portion covering mainly Washington and Oregon. Day 1 70km 20 Dec 09 Vancouver to Victoria 6:50 Larch House leave. Bus driver gives me free lift through Massey Tunnel. Ferry terminal. Tea with Melissa in Quay. 9:00 sailing, ride […]

  • Vancouver to Victoria

    What’s in my panniers: Today’s route: View Playa Costa Baja in a larger map

  • Art around town

  • Buffalo Charging

    I’ve been reading about 19th C. Metis Prairie hunts so I changed the name on my telephone from ‘Telus’ to ‘Buffalo’ while it was plugged in this morning.

  • Silver Circle Bicycle Diary

    A day-by-day account of the 2,000km, 14-day bicycle touring route that loops across British Columbia from Vancouver to Banff and back. This particular trip was undertaken June 14-27, 2009. Part 2/2.

  • Essential Mac Web Design Apps

    While working on a contract these are the applications and programs I have running on my MacBook Pro (with OSX 10.4) at basically all times while designing and constructing a website. I can’t work without these. A lot of Command-Tab, Command-r going on. What do you use? Grab Native OSX app for taking screenshots. Good […]

  • Silver Circle Bicycle Tour

    [See Part 2 Silver Circle Bicycle Diary for a personal day-by-day account of the trip, distances, times, etc.] Silver Circle Bicycle Tour Route in a larger map Route The route is a circle with the first half following the Trans-Canada and its prevailing tailwinds north through the Fraser Canyon and then east to Kamloops, through […]

  • Design Project Hours and Budget

    How much time and money does a 4th year design graduation project take? Nearly 1,000 hours and over $3,000.

  • 2009 Emily Carr Graduation Exhibitions

    You are invited to view the work of our Undergraduates and Graduates from the Design, Fine Arts and Media programs. Undergraduate Exhibition May 3-10 10am to 6pm Graduate Exhibition May 3-17 10am to 6pm Preview Night Friday May 1, 7pm to 9pm Emily Carr University of Art + Design 1399 Johnston Street Granville Island Vancouver […]

  • Review in Tabs: Life of Pi

    A review in tabs—excerpts I found noteworthy in Yann Martel’s novel about a boy trapped on a life raft with a zebra, hyena, orang-utan and tiger. Page 31 “I’ll be honest about it. It is not atheists who get stuck in my craw, but agnostics. Doubt is useful for a while. We must all pass […]

  • Cycling BC Road Online Calendar

    A quick and fun pro bono project for the organization I raced under for seven years. A kind of giving back to the community feel. I was in charge of the frontend design of their new race calendar and results website, working with the VP of Road as project manager and a racer/programmer who developed […]

  • What to Measure?

    A progress report given in-class for an Industrial Design graduation project about measurements for our time.

  • Measure 2009

    Thoughts on a graduation project proposal for Industrial Design at the Emily Carr University, 2009.