Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada


  • SFU Semester in Dialogue

    SFU Semester in Dialogue

    Marketing campaign, concept and branding guidelines for Simon Fraser University’s Semester in Dialogue program. Working with directors, staff and faculty I coordinated a series of meetings and collaborative documents to distill the primary goals and obstacles the program faced in marketing itself and attracting not only more students within the university but also students of…

  • CityStudio SFU Posters

    CityStudio SFU Posters

    CityStudio, a multi-university collaboration institute working with the City of Vancouver, hired me to design a series of six information posters for their SFU Business students. Each class group had developed a marketing strategy and business development project related to deconstruction in Vancouver. While the research and analysis was great, they needed help creating a…

  • Whistler Ride

    Whistler Ride

    Printed handbill for local cycling team’s annual charity ride from Vancouver to Whistler, British Columbia. Recycled craft stock.

  • Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

    Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

    Concept, design and development of a series of promotional and educational graphics and signage for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (MMRC) in Vancouver, a non-profit dedicated to assisting marine mammals in need of help along the British Columbia coastline for 50 years. In preparation for their annual open-house and fundraiser I created a…

  • Penguin Hat

    Penguin Hat

    Promotional handout for the Vancouver Aquarium. I designed the custom die-cut, offset printed run of 4,000. Two creased arcs encourage folding the flat print into a structured visor. Adjustable fit for children and adults. Illustration by New York-based artist Brendan Wenzel.

  • Penguin Point

    Penguin Point

    Design and development of exhibit collateral for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Penguin Point, featuring seven African penguins in a new purpose-built habitat. As an education- and conservation-focused institution, exhibit panels were to function as a second layer—after the excitement of viewing the birds themselves—that could help describe and explain the seen behaviours and significance of these unique…

  • And We Were There

    Proposed advertising campaign to project a new persona—while still showcasing its trust-worthy and veteran reputation—for one of Canada’s most senior naval architectural firms, Robert Allan Ltd., established Vancouver, 1930. The concept I developed, “We’re here. And we were there,”  would play on both those notions by generating nostalgia with the public and industry clients through the use…

  • Clothing Swap

  • Rescue Stories

    Rescue Stories

    Marketing identity and exhibit graphics for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Fall 2011 promotion, Rescue Stories, highlighting the animals and work the non-profit has done in both rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing or caring for a variety of marine-based animals in its long history of conservation. Key to telling each animal’s story, many of which had resided at…

  • Beaty Museum Displays

    Beaty Museum Displays

    Over the course of nine-months I was contracted to design, illustrate and produce exhibits and graphic collateral for the launch of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia. I created over 100 displays examining a range of ecological, conservation and evolutionary topics, incorporating hundreds of specimens and working in conjunction with the…

  • Biodiversity Illustrations

    Biodiversity Illustrations

    Sample of vector illustrations created from provided imagery and researcher descriptions for the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Vancouver, 2010–2011.

  • Womens Cycling Camp

    I joined a cycling club in Vancouver this year and they asked me to design a poster for them. Womens Cycling Camp is a month long, bi-weekly set of lessons led by my friend and coach/racer Lisa Howard. It’s for women ages 15-22 that want to learn some organized cycling skills (how to ride a…

  • Healthy Oceans

    Healthy Oceans

    I was contracted by the David Suzuki Foundation to develop a focused online campaign for the environmental organization’s Healthy Oceans initiative. Working with marine mapping data I created a Google Earth fly-over of at-risk ocean areas while designing and coding a website featuring user-submitted videos, an online petition to the federal government, and an embedded…

  • Subtle Forks

    Subtle Forks

    A tangential look at Canadians—who they are, what they like and how they got this way—though the lenses of their contemporary film narratives, settings and characters. A series of films I curated for the fall 2009 screenings at the 221A Artist Run Centre in Vancouver.

  • Big Ambition Campaign

    Big Ambition Campaign

    Concept, design and custom fabrication for a bus shelter ad campaign. After securing a $37,000 worth of advertising budget from the City of Vancouver and CBS we created this parallel slogan and graphic identity to run in select shelter spaces. During daylight hours the official poster slogan reads “Small school big ambition” while at night…

  • Grad Website 2009

    Joint concept, design and coding. Tasked with building the Emily Carr Graduation website in one week, designer Alex Buss and I set a number of goals, chiefly to make it as easy as possible for visitors to view work, to download it and to redistribute it online. We eliminated superfluous pop-ups and click-throughs found in…

  • Emily Carr Says What?

    Emily Carr Says What?

    Advertising campaign proposal for the university’s Graduation Exhibition. After securing $37,000 in donated advertising space we designed a series of two-part campaign posters. Short slogans appear to disparage, or have fun with, the school’s reputation. But when backlit, turned, or re-read new and improved slogans are revealed. Language translations were produced based on city demographics…

  • Food Design Charrette

    Primary organizer of an intensive, one-day, theme-based charrette for Design students at the Emily Carr University. The theme was “Food and Eating” an interdisciplinary topic relevant to studies in design but also social and economic issues, sustainability and health. The charrette coincided with a number of course assignments in the department as well as the…

  • Valentine’s Cabaret

    Valentine’s Cabaret

    University cabaret, pub night and fundraiser organized by first-year students at the Emily Carr Institute. Timeline for marketing was about two weeks, budget around $0.

  • Taraxca Silver

    Client Taraxca Sterling Silver Responsibilities Information architecture, design, photography, construction, hosting Technologies CSS, XHTML, Fireworks, Illustrator, Photoshop

  • Women’s Squash Weekend

  • Society of Architectural Historians

    Client Society of Architectural Historians, Marion Dean Ross / Pacific Northwest Chapter Responsibilities Information architecture, design, construction, hosting Technologies CSS, XHTML, Movable Type, Fireworks

  • Power Hiking

    Logo design for personal trainer, Victoria, 2004.

  • Ceremonial Furniture

    Client Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, University of Victoria Responsibilities Information architecture, design, photo editing, construction Technologies Fireworks, Dreamweaver, HTML