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Rescue Stories


Marketing identity and exhibit graphics for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Fall 2011 promotion, Rescue Stories, highlighting the animals and work the non-profit has done in both rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing or caring for a variety of marine-based animals in its long history of conservation.

Key to telling each animal’s story, many of which had resided at the Aquarium for years, was designing large format indoor and outdoor graphic panels using single bold imagery and tying them into a unified promotional theme, which I developed a slogan and identity for: “Every animal counts.” The “+1” was a play on the current trend in social media ‘likes’ and up-voting, as well as singling out individual animals amongst the hundreds rescued by the conservation-focused organization.

In addition, I was responsible for working closely with the Aquarium’s research and writing teams, mining their extensive image archive, and managing a strict budget while determining material and installation needs and costs with a variety of fabrication and print suppliers.

Translucent window vinyl.
Translucent window vinyl.
View of outdoor window vinyl in-situ.
View of outdoor window vinyl in-situ.
Excerpt of in-house branding guide for the promotion.

One of the more rewarding exhibits I designed for the promotion—and which remains on location by popular demand—was the ‘mugshot’ wall featuring images and names of nearly 100 individual harbour seals rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild by the Aquarium over the past five years: