Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada

Penguin Point

Design and development of exhibit collateral for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Penguin Point, featuring seven African penguins in a new purpose-built habitat. As an education- and conservation-focused institution, exhibit panels were to function as a second layer—after the excitement of viewing the birds themselves—that could help describe and explain the seen behaviours and significance of these unique animals.

Working with the Aquarium’s in-house team of animal care specialists, educators, researchers and managers I proposed a focused and playful identity and theme (typography, colour, image-use and layout) as a design direction that helped inform concurrent and future Penguin Point collateral and marketing material. I then designed and had fabricated a series of large-format, outdoor panels as well as life-size murals and cutouts to compliment the habitat’s recesses and focal points. Additionally, I was responsible for sourcing and buying appropriate (and scientifically accurate) imagery while meeting a series of tight deadlines and managing a pre-determined budget.

Children's "Craft Corner" colouring page.
Children’s “Craft Corner” colouring page.
Series of plastic cutouts used in an educational 'fishing' game on the dangers posed to African penguins.
Series of cutouts used in an educational ‘fishing’ game on the dangers posed to African penguins.