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Weaving Conference

Weavers Conference logo

Logo and wordmark for a 2017 conference of weavers in the Pacific Northwest. Of note, the client, the Association of Northwest Weavers’ Guilds (lovely old ladies), were very friendly and the most organized to work with—they approached the branding of the conference three years in advance. The brief included the pre-selected “Treadle Lightly” pun to coincide with the environmental theme (wish I had thought of that) and the stipulation that it work in single or two-colours for more affordable printing on conference bags, mugs, etc.


The branding also featured six colour variations (as the conference has an emphasis on colour dyeing) and three layout options, to give the client some flexibility in use for situations that could be hard to predict three years out (for example, having many volunteers use the logo, or a new media presence, like Instagram).


Three years later, in-situ on the official conference website. The branding also inspired organizers to create hand-woven sashes for their staff using the branding colours.