Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada

Branching Out Exhibit

Exhibit branding, marketing, and large format panel design and production for an exhibit at the New Westminster Museum and Archives. Working with the curatorial and install teams I was responsible for image selection from their archives, panel size, design, and materials, as well as overall look and feel of the marketing collateral.

Exhibit posters.

Exhibit cards were designed to compliment the exhibit and reduce panel fatigue. Visitors could view the cards and special holders were built to encourage examining closer and reading the reverse if they wished.

Selection of large format panels mounted throughout the exhibit and corresponding with thematic areas.

Artefact labels.

Custom maps inset on panels corresponding to well-known locations in the city of New Westminster.

Rendering of proposed exhibit book.

On-screen graphics to promote the exhibit throughout the New Westminster Anvil Centre.

Exhibit opening with greenhouse-themed entrance and viewing area designed and built by exhibit preparetor Joshua Doherty.