Designer & bike rider in British Columbia, Canada


  • People Gotta Move

    People Gotta Move

    Exhibit graphics, branding, and marketing for the New Westminster Museum and Archives, including digital and print billboards, banners, posters, and full wall-wrapped interpretive panels. 2018.

  • Branching Out Exhibit

    Branching Out Exhibit

    Exhibit branding, marketing, and large format panel design and production for an exhibit at the New Westminster Museum and Archives. Working with the curatorial and install teams I was responsible for image selection from their archives, panel size, design, and materials, as well as overall look and feel of the marketing collateral. Exhibit posters. Exhibit cards…

  • Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

    Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

    Concept, design and development of a series of promotional and educational graphics and signage for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (MMRC) in Vancouver, a non-profit dedicated to assisting marine mammals in need of help along the British Columbia coastline for 50 years. In preparation for their annual open-house and fundraiser I created a…

  • Penguin Point

    Penguin Point

    Design and development of exhibit collateral for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Penguin Point, featuring seven African penguins in a new purpose-built habitat. As an education- and conservation-focused institution, exhibit panels were to function as a second layer—after the excitement of viewing the birds themselves—that could help describe and explain the seen behaviours and significance of these unique…

  • Rescue Stories

    Rescue Stories

    Marketing identity and exhibit graphics for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Fall 2011 promotion, Rescue Stories, highlighting the animals and work the non-profit has done in both rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing or caring for a variety of marine-based animals in its long history of conservation. Key to telling each animal’s story, many of which had resided at…

  • Beaty Museum Displays

    Beaty Museum Displays

    Over the course of nine-months I was contracted to design, illustrate and produce exhibits and graphic collateral for the launch of the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia. I created over 100 displays examining a range of ecological, conservation and evolutionary topics, incorporating hundreds of specimens and working in conjunction with the…

  • Lower Vancouver

    Lower Vancouver

    During low tide a 0.5 cubic metre of sand is removed from the Spanish Banks beach in the City of Vancouver, lowering the average elevation of the city by 0.00000000055 per cent. August, 2009. Photography by Jason Edwards. With the assistance of Brian McBay, Michael Johnson, Oliver Li. Poster, shovel and bucket of sand later…

  • Nice Fit

    Nice Fit

    A 16-month design thesis in collaboration with Tobias Ottahal, exploring how objects fit together in subtly satisfying ways. The project developed over two major phases and two manifestations: The table creates indentions for objects to fit into on demand; when the object is removed, the table becomes flat again. In addition to exploring conceptual and…